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Cultural association Blaues Fenster (K.H. Waggerlhaus)

Includes Silent Night Museum, Waggerlhouse and organises events like “Music and Theater at the Market Square

Silent Night – Joseph Mohr´s grave in Wagrain cemetery
Joseph Mohr created the text to “Silent Night! Holy Night!” – a Christmas song known all over the world. He died 1848 in Wagrain and was buried at the local cemetery.

Holy Rupert Church Wagrain
First mentioned in the 14th century and located in the cemetery of Wagrain.

Holy Francis Church
Built in the 17th century and located in the centre of Wagrain.

Old ruins of the “Höhenburg” (=high castle, most likely named for its location 840 m above sea level) on top of the “Burghügel” (=castle hill), which gave the Chalet Burgblick its name. You have a great view to the castle hill from the panorama window in the Burgblick room.

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